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Read what a few of our clients have to say about our Tours.

Pam and I went on the Jackson Hole trip it was awesome.Flying into Jackson Hole and seeing the snow covered peaks of the Tetons was just a prelude of things to come.The best thing about a trip like this is you don't waste time getting there or worry about where am I going to stay, where will I go, how will I get there, what will I see. Lynn does a fantastic job, everything is very well planned, gas stops, food, lodging, you don't have to think about anything, just worry about your camera card being big enough, will the battery last, what did I just miss.There is so much to see, Old Faithful, Mammoth Springs, Jenny Lake, Bear Tooth Highway, Grand Tetons, and all the different wildlife hard to pick just one favorite thing or place.The Jackson Hole Group of 2010 was a fantastic bunch of people. When you plan your trip I hope your group is as good as ours.There is always a downside, not enough daylight and like all good things it comes to an end.   - Danny S. -

I have Lived A Dream!! You can also say this about every Trip I have taken with Lynn. I purchased my Bike to use it for what it was designed for, and that is to see what the World has to offer. I have never regreted a single trip that I have taken with Lynn, and you will not either. There's one sentence that I use all the time on his trips and that is "WOW" "Did you see That"!!! It is so relaxing for me to sit back and look at something new around every turn, and not have to worry about where,s the next road or how far is it to the next gas station, or where's the motel, Lynn has taken care of that. Myself and 5 of my closet friends have taken a total of 6 tours with Lynn in the past and plan's are to tour in the futurs. My dream is to get on my bike and head down a Canyon at Sunrise and feel the wind in my face and see what mother nature has put in my path to see and I am amazed "Boy I Love This". You will alway's meet people that leave a lasting impression in your mind, see things that you will never forget, and with Friends and all the wonders of the world to look at what do you have to loose! So go, you will never regret it! A trip with Lynn is never Boring, it"s always Exciting, and they go by so Fast. You can call me and ask me about his Tours and I will tell you about them. If his trips were not worth it I would be the first to let you know!!!   - Buddy Gordy -

We always try to do something different each year for our anniversary, This was our 27th. We love to travel and have been to Hawaii and many other islands but never out west, So we decided to go on the Best of California Motorcycle tour that Lynn Isenhour had to offer. This was definitely different than flying somewhere and renting a car.. What can I say, Everyday was totally different and exciting. Beautiful scenery,Mountains, deserts, the Pacific Coast Highway, Napa Valley, Monteray Bay whale watching, Yosemite, The Redwoods, The Golden Gate Bridge, Wow, We traveled more miles each day than we were used too, but no problem at all and well worth it. We became friends immediately with our group and by the end of the 9 days, it felt like family, The Hotel rooms were already booked, restaurants close by, and scenic roads everyday, Lynn is an awesome tour guide. We are definitely recommending this trip and would do it again in a minute. We've even talked with some of our California Trip friends to plan on meeting up with them to do another adventure with Lynn.5 stars outta 5 Lynn, Lets Go!!   - Gary & Bonnie Rodell -

Jan, Bo, and I had the time of our lives. The trip was well planned and orchestrated allowing us to see sights we would have not seen on our own while also allowing us the opportunity to spend time together as a family. The trip certainly packed a great deal of value in a small outlay of money. Your Florida contacts made us feel welcome and treated us like special guests. I am looking forward to the time when I retire (very soon) to take more trips to other parts of the country with you. Thanks for the memories.   - Archie -

Lynn, What a great trip. I couldn't have asked for a better tour. First trip with you and will not be the last. This was the first time to Daytona in the fall. Perfect weather, great rides, good food and good people to be with. See you next year.   - Kelly Brown -

My wife Sharon and I had met Lynn for the first time last year at an event at Smokin' Harley Davidson in Winston-Salem. After seeing all the tours that Lynn had to offer, we decided the Las Vegas trip would be a good way to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. We could never have imagined that we would have had that much fun. The sites were unbelievable! We traveled down Route 66, crossed Hoover Dam, stayed at the Grand Canyon, and rode through other national parks throughout the trip. Every day we traveled to a new destination and every day brought completely different riding experiences. This year we went with Lynn to the Fall Rally in Daytona. I have never been to Daytona during rally week and I have to tell you we'll definitely be going back. You can't imagine how great it is to have someone like Lynn who knows the surrounding areas and points of interest to guide you on the daily rides. It just makes every trip so much more enjoyable. Sharon and I are already discussing our next trip. We just can't decide between California and Jackson Hole. Hopefully everyone who reads this will take the opportunity to contact Lynn so he can explain everything he has to offer on his motorcycle tours. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!   - Jeff and Sharon Willis -

I never thought I would haul my motorcycle to go on a trip, but I have always wanted to do Daytona Bike Week. I am a member of the Winston-Salem NC HOG club and Lynn Isenhour is also. Lynn gave away a slot for the fall 2010 trip to Daytona to our HOG club for our fund raiser. After hearing people talk about Lynn's trips I talked to him about the cost and details on his trips. To make a long story short, I decided to go on the Daytona trip with Lynn. Everything about the trip was Fantastic and much more than what I had anticipated. Not only was Lynn a shuttle service he is also a great tour guide. Everywhere we went Lynn knew the most scenic routes but also new the ins and outs to get us in alot of the back doors and best parking places, if you follow him (a little inside joke). If I had gone by myself I would not have seen all the things I got to see and get the most out of a trip like this. We did not sit around the motel, we rode every day some where (if you wanted to). The weather we had on our trip was great (no rain). On one day we did the Daytona loop and rode up the coastal highway (beautiful) to St.Augustine and then went inland. We ate lunch in a little box car dinner called Angels. Angels is labeled Florida's oldest dinner. By the way if you ride with Lynn you will definitely be eating at some out of the way places but will not be disappointed with the food.(better lose some weight before you go because you will come back heavier) (like going on a cruise). I would recommend Lynn's trips to anyone. He takes extra care of your motorcycle and you. I am making plans to go on another trip with Lynn. Once you go on one trip you are hooked. I think if you talk to anyone who has been on one of Lynn's trips they will tell you that you get the most bang for your buck doing it this way. What better way to get to see some beautiful places here in the GREAT USA but get to see them on your own motorcycle not a rental. Take one of Lynn's trips,you will not be disappointed!!!!!!   - RICK McCRAW -

My husband Benjy and I have been riding motorcycles for about nine years. We love riding but are limited on how much time we can allow to take trips. We listened to friends that we have ridden with talk about the trips they had taken with Lynn and thought we would check into it. Well, after hearing people say "don't tell Lynn, but they would have paid more had they know how wonderful a time they would have" we knew we needed to go on at least one trip with Lynn.Two trips latter and hoping for a third we are hooked. When you book a trip with Lynn you need not worry about anything (and I worry about everything). I learned after the first trip that all I need to do is board the plane, get off at the correct destination and let Lynn show me some of the most beautiful country in the U.S. He has everything taken care of and all you have to do is ride and enjoy.Out first trip was the Grand Canyon trip. We got off the plane, played for two days in Las Vegas, road out a couple of days later to some of the most gorgeous places on earth. We saw Hoover Dam, North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Zion, etc. The landscape changed so drastically on that ride, it was amazing. The mesas, the hoo doos and the Grand Canyon at dawn are beyond description.The second trip was Jackson Hole, Wy. The Grand Tetons were so beautiful!! Yellowstone looked like what fairytales are made of. The green is so unbelievably green, the water is a blue like I have never seen and the geysers smoke and amaze everyone with the evidence of how close to the earth's crust you are. The wild life makes you catch your breath in wonder and between the critters and landscape it gives you a glance of how it must have been hundreds of years ago. We finally agreed words could not capture or define what we were seeing, we agreed that we would just leave it to WOW!If you have a chance to go on one of these trips, please do not pass it up. Hock the farm, do whatever you have to do. It is worth it and so much more. We look at our pictures frequently and know we have been blessed to experience these beautiful places and still refer to these trips as "Trips of a Lifetime"Thank you Lynn for places we would never have able to experience in the way we did with you.   
- Cindy and Benjy Little -

These trips Lynn puts on are great. Shipping my Harley (and luggage) has spoiled me! He even makes the hotel reservations. Everything is taken care of from start to finish. I go just about every year (and sometimes two trips). Haven't done the Keys yet but that must be really cool with the bridges and all. Best part: l like traveling with my girlfriend and she likes riding MY bike. This is a pretty neat deal Lynn has going.   
- Anderson Taylor -

My Journey To Jackson Hole WOW! My expectations for this trip were very high, but they were unbelievably surpassed. And, I ran out of superlatives after only a couple of days, but here goes.Lynn Isenhour is "The Best Damn Trail Boss" in the world!He has put a lot of time and thought into making each and every day progressively more inspiring. He also made each and every rider feel an integral part of the experience.From the instant I got off of the plane, turned around and saw the Grand Tetons (only a stone's throw away)… until the last evening eating pizza and reminiscing with each rider about our favorite parts of our trip, my week was mesmerizing.We toured the Grand Teton National Forest, Yellowstone National Park (all five entrances), Hoback Canyon, Cody, Big Horn Mountain, Chief Joseph Highway and (My Favorite) The Beartooth Highway.The week was full of pristine landscape, majestic mountain ranges, incredible wildlife (more than I ever expected to witness) and a very eclectic group of riders.I even discovered my newest favorite treat… Huckleberry Ice Cream!I am already saving for my next three trips with Lynn. I will take each of my three daughters on a trip over the next three years. He has 11 trips and I will let my daughters decide on where they want to go.If we have half as much fun as I did on this one, it will be memories of a lifetime for all of us.Check out Lynn's website at for a trip you should experience yourself!
Still "Living The Dream"   - John Comer -

My husband had a very special birthday approaching (I won't say which one!), and I wanted to do something very special for him. One of his biggest dreams had always been to take a motorcycle trip out west; but, we never could seem to make it happen. There were always reasons why we couldn't put it together. I started thinking this would be an awesome gift to give him. I began planning and searching…thinking that the best way to go would be to pick a destination, fly there, and then rent a motorcycle. So, that was my plan. I presented him with a giant birthday card spelling out all the details. Thankfully, I hadn't actually purchased anything…yet. It was just a plan of action. I say thankfully I hadn't purchased anything, because my plan didn't exactly give the desired affect I was hoping for. I could tell he wasn't totally sold or nearly as excited as I expected. Several days passed, and he had been searching, too. He told me about this gentleman near Winston-Salem named Lynn Isenhour. He said that Lynn would haul your bike to a destination you choose from his exciting itineraries, and he would also lead guided tours to many points of interest in that area. Then it hit my why he wanted to do the trip through Lynn-it was a bike thing…he wanted his own bike (can you tell I'm just the passenger?). Anyway, long-story-short, we selected the July Jackson Hole, Wyoming trip. Neither of us had ever been to that part of our great nation, so we were thrilled to have this opportunity. Let me just say it was one of the most spectacular trips we've ever been on. From the minute we flew in over the Grand Tetons, it took my breath away-and I didn't get it back until we landed back in North Carolina. Lynn led us on group rides through the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful, through amazing canyons, Cody, Wyoming, over Bear Tooth Pass into Montana, exploring hotsprings, and rides through beautiful potato fields in Idaho. There were breathtaking sites all along the way-each day something new and different. The panoramic views along the rivers, lakes and waterfalls are something you have to see to believe. We saw a plethora of flora and fauna. During one ride, we had to stop for a herd of buffalo crossing the road. That's something you just don't see in North Carolina! I can't say enough about how great it was taking one of Lynn's trips. The only thing we had to do was make our flight arrangements. Lynn took care of everything else-hotels, places to eat, and great rides to places we would have never found on our own. We felt completely safe and confident throughout the entire experience. We made wonderful friends, and we have a memory that will last a lifetime! We are now in the process of planning our next trip with Lynn…I can hardly wait!    - Sherrill and Don Matthews -

Key West has always been a desired motorcycle destination for me. When I learned about Lynn Isenhour Motorcycle Tours, Key West was one of his itineraries. A friend and I scheduled the March trip. We rode with Lynn to Daytona, where we met up with others. The trip took us through the interior of Florida-bypassing the major highways and interstates. Along the way we saw orange groves, rode down alligator ally, and traversed the famous Everglades (where we took an airboat ride!). Any biker on Lynn's trips can tell you--Lynn knows all the best places to eat, picks great places to stay, and selects the most scenic routes to make your trip a memorable experience. There's never a dull moment on Duval Street in Key West---and some sights to behold on St. Patrick's Day (you can just imagine!). I've now been on three trips with Lynn (Key West, Jackson Hole, and Daytona bike week), and my wife and I are planning another trip next year. If you're considering a motorcycle adventure, I highly recommend Lynn Isenhour Motorcycle Tours.   - Don Matthews -

The California trip was the first trip for my wife and me of anything more than just one night in length and really covered a lot of ground. There was the promised scenery, beautiful sites, and rider camaraderie that we had heard and read about. California is a state of variety, whether it is the mountains or the coast, the cities or the desert, each is spectacular in beauty and uniqueness. This is a must trip for all, but Yosemite was the highlight for me. There's so much of this great country to see so I wonder where we'll go next time? Thanks Lynn for such a well planned and worry-free trip!   - Doug & Mary Cole -

From the moment my husband and I met Lynn at a bike show and discussed taking a tour we were very excited. Lynn provided information regarding the trips he provided, mailed us a DVD to preview and when we decided to sign up, we were always kept up to date on what was happening. The entire experience from loading up, throughout our vacation to the sad time of returning home, we had a fabulous time. Just being able to ride, not having to worry about planning when and where to go and meeting some wonderful people could not have worked out better for us. It gave us the opportunity to just ride and enjoy the sights. Time was scheduled if you wanted to do more sight-seeing or just keep on riding. I wasn't the most experienced of riders when I started, but I gained years of experience during our 10 days on the road.
I would definitely take another trip with Lynn. He was extremely professional and well organized and kept our group organized, which proved to be challenging at times. My husband and I will most certainly be back on the road again.    - Terri Volk -

My wife and I both like to ride and seek new adventures. We had never trailered our bikes before we met Lynn. My fear was damage or even worse, the loss of our bikes. Lynn is the kind of guy you can trust. He respects your equipment and protects it as if it was his own. It is really a neat site and proud feeling to see your ride lined up and ready to go when you arrive at your destination. Because Lynn has explored the areas prior to your arrival, he has already mapped out the most enjoyable and scenic routes for the trip. Of course, if you want to do your own exploring, that is acceptable also. Sometimes it is good to get away and have some quality time with your significant other, whether that be your bike or some one else, is your choice. We have been part of many trips Lynn has facilitated, both locally and destinations. Maybe our next adventure will be with you. Come join in the fun!    - Ben Eyster -

Hi, my name is Mike Johnson and I along with my fiancée, Irene Simon have gone on several of Lynn Isenhour's motorcycle trips. We have never failed to have an absolutely fantastic time on any of the trips we've taken. We visited Key West Florida in February and enjoyed temps in the 80's while it was in the low 30's at home with ice. It's great fun to call someone that is enduring ice and freezing temps and getting to tell them that you're on your bike wearing short sleeves with sunshine the temps in the 80's.In our situation, we both work jobs that make it very difficult to be away for more than a week at a time. So instead of having to use up so much of our time off just trying to get to a destination, with the service that Lynn offers, we get to spend the vast majority of our time off actually riding the roads in and around these awesome destinations that he plans his trips to. I never have to worry about my bike. Lynn takes excellent care of all the motorcycles entrusted to him. He treats them as though each and every one were his own.Some of the other trips we've taken with Lynn include Daytona for the spring rally, Spearfish, South Dakota where we rode through Spearfish Canyon; visited Sturgis, Devils Tower, Mt. Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Monument among so many other things. We took this trip in May which enabled us to enjoy visiting these places without the aggravation of 400,000 other cyclists in our way. Our favorite trip that we've taken though had to be when we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We saw and did so much on that trip I can't possibly begin to list it all. It was truly absolutely incredible. One of the best things about traveling with Lynn is the fact that not only does he know all the best places to stop, even more importantly he knows all the places where not to stop! That is more important than you can possibly know. We highly recommend that everyone consider taking the trip or trips of their choice with Lynn Isenhour. He and the service he offers are absolutely the very best. I can assure you we have never had a bad experience getting to travel and ride in this manner and we most certainly will be planning and taking more trips with him in the very near future. Thanks for your time.
P.S. Irene says to be sure and make folks aware that one of the things she has enjoyed the most about taking these trips with Lynn has been the opportunity for us to meet people and make new friends on each and every trip we've been on. We almost always get the chance to have new riding friends for shorter, close to home rides and I completely agree with her.   - Mike and Irene -

I have been on numerous bike rides and several trips with Lynn. Lynn's knowledge of all the roads, attractions, and the "off the beaten path" sights are extensive. Every aspect is handled with professionalism and courtesy. Planning in advance provides for lower airfares and hotel rates, not to mention the relationships Lynn has established at all his destinations. How nice it is to drop off the bike and luggage not to think of it again until I arrive at our destination. Walking onto the airplane with no luggage is such a relief, as most of us can attest to. All this preparation by Lynn leads to the extraordinary memories that I will cherish forever. The 2006 trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming was such a blast. Some of the riders I knew and some I met for the first time. As we met at our bikes, which were out and waiting for us, I knew that all of us were going to have a great week. Lynn provided us with a packed trip full of sights and beautiful scenery. The Grand Tetons, all the entrances into Yellowstone National Park, to ice peaked "Top of the World", we rode. There was the buffalo, the ice, cool winding roads, and even rain as we left the west side of Yellowstone into Idaho. I don't think Jimmy had a rain suit. No matter, a little rain will not melt "Gorgeous Jimmy." And Ken taking to the air. Not on the bike, but parasailing off the Grand Tetons. I think he has recovered. I was able to make it to Sturgis in 2006 also. Once again, Lynn's knowledge of all the roads, restaurants, and attractions make riding in a sea of fellow riders, let's just say, more of a pleasure than guessing at the next turn to take or where a nice restaurant with local fare may be. Another trip found me down in Florida heading to Key West. Yet again, great friends and riders. There was not a trip where no one in the group did not get along or have a great time. Riding down the road with the ocean breeze cool to the body, the sun warm to the face, the familiar rumbling sound of a group of Harleys, and "LOOK OUT!" a pelican hitting the windshield of my Electra Glide Classic made for an eventful trip. Those riding behind me said that the feathers were flying, but not the bird! I would encourage anyone interested in taking a bike trip to give Lynn a call. He has everything taken care of and all you need to do is get ready for the memories.   - Tony Kenney -

We traveled with Lynn to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in July of 2008. We cannot begin to describe what a wonderful experience this was for us. Everyday was filled with well-planned and relaxed rides. From snow-covered mountaintops to the most beautiful valleys, your days were consumed with breath taking scenery, numerous assorted wildlife, and most of all great friendships and company. Lynn's traveling experience and knowledge was a extra advantage for us because he knew exactly where we needed to go to view and see all the beauty of the area like Yellowstone National Park, Teton National Park, as well as many other interesting sights and areas of interest to visitors. Another advantage of traveling with Lynn is that he transports your own bike and luggage so we were ready to ride the same afternoon after our flight. There were no worries about having to secure a place to stay, or locating a bike rental, it was ready thanks to Lynn. We would highly recommend traveling with Lynn. This was one of the best vacations we have ever experienced. All the wonderful adventures, beautiful and unforgettable sights and scenery, memories, good times and friendships are very dear and cherished ones to us. We plan to travel again with Lynn in the near future.   - Tammy and Lee Hines -

I have made two trips with Lynn Isenhour Motorcycle Tours. The first was to Key West, FL. I did not know anyone at the start of the trip, but made many friends during the time we spent touring the Everglades and our stay in Key West. The weather was not the greatest, but riding with a group of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts sure made it a lot of fun.The second trip was to Jackson Hole, WY. This has been the best trip I have ever been on. Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons are beautiful and I cannot imagine visiting these places on anything but a motorcycle. The feel of the crisp morning air, the smell of the trees and flowers, the sound of rushing rivers and the roar of the motorcycles cannot be equaled. The people I have met on these trips have all been incredible. I cannot wait to join them, and others, on another trip with Lynn.   - Peter Anderson -

I have been with Lynn to Key west 6 times and the trips have always been enjoyable.Lynn knows many scenic and interesting routs to get to the Keys.We take in many places along the way.The airboat ride in the everglades is a highlite.Lynn takes great care with your bike in transport treating each as if it was his own.I am sure you will enjoy this trip.I will be going back many times.   - Tommy Fansler -

Far exceeded my expectations as we viewed more sights, covered miles which were full of scenery, every day was carefully planned with maximum benefit for us. Good pace, back roads full of beautiful scenery and wild life (saw everything but a wolf). The savings of flying out vs. riding out easily out weigh any monetary consideration when compared to time lost and/or break down and repairs.? Just a surperb trip, and I plan another, as do all the people who went on the trip. Take a trip, you'll take another.   - Dr. John Lancaster -

The trips with Lynn have been the best trips we've ever taken. Jacksonhole and Yellowstone proved to be another Kodack moment around every corner. We have been on several cruises and out of the country but nothing beats the back of a motorcycle with an ice capped mountain in front of you, lake beside you and a bison on the road with you.We would go again in a heart beat.   - Ken & Becky Johnson -

If you want to do touring on your motorcycle and not waste your vacation on the interstate, you need to go
with Lynn on his tours. I have gone with him to Jackson Hole Wy. in 2007 and Las Vegas Grand Canyon in 2008 and had the time of my life. I got to see some of the most beatiful scenery from snow-cap mountains. to wide open deserts plus made a lot of new friends. On his tours you are truly on vacation, he knows his stuff. If you don't go with him you are truly missing out on the time of your life. I'm hooked and maybe I'll meet you on my next tour with him.   - Tim Reynolds -

I took one of Lynn Isenhour's motorcycle tours in July of 2008. We flew into Jackson Hole Wyoming on July 5th. I had high expectation due to a few of my friends had already taken this same trip a few years earlier. Well I wasn't let down I had the time of my life and saw sights that you can only imagine. The trip included Yellow Stone National, The Teton Mountain, Bear Tooth pass and many other places of interest. I will be taking another one of Lynn's trips in 2010 either to California or maybe back to Jackson Hole. Take Lynn's trip you won't be sorry! Money well spent!   - Kurt Arthur -

This was my first trip with Lynn and I have to say it was even better than I imagined. All the rides were well planned and the sights we saw were unforgettable. The lakes, the waterfalls, the wildlife, the open range, the smells, the snowball fight in JULY, the camaraderie…….It was one of the best times I have ever had. It was really relaxing to have everything planned for you and just enjoy the rides. I definitely plan to go again. If you have never been on one of Lynn's trips you should plan one soon. As one of the guys in our group said "Why didn't we do this before now?"   - Robert Bowlin -

I was fortunate enough to go with Lynn Isenhour on the Jackson Hole,Wyoming, ride and it was the best vacation of my life. Lynn does all the work of getting your bike out and back safely. Then the fun begins ! You make lifelong friends with the other riders and see some of the most beautiful country on earth. Lynn leads the ride at a relaxed pace that lets you enjoy the world around you. I can't think of a better way to spend a week riding my Harley. Don't miss it !!   - Terry Poling -

Lynn made our trip to Las Vegas simple and most enjoyable. All we had to do was make the airline reservations. He transported all our luggage with the bike. This eliminated the fear of lost luggage by the airlines. Lynn lead the rides each day. They took us to places of interest and through spectacular scenery.
At the end of each day our room reservations were waiting. The rides were not so long that you were worn out so you had some time to explore on your own or hang with the group. We would give Lynn 5 out of 5 stars for his tours.    - Wayne & Delores Cannon -

What can we say -- except -- our trips with Lynn have been awesome! We have been to Jackson Hole, WY (Ed's been twice) and to Key West, FL (Ed's been twice) and on each trip, it's been great. With Lynn as your leader, guide, whatever you want to call him, you are in good hands. He takes care of it all - except for any airplane tickets, that's up to you. You know your bikes are being well taken care of and very well secured for the trip by Lynn - he knows how "special" those Harleys and their owners are. Lynn takes care of your hotel stays and always knows good places to eat, so basically, your trip is worry-free and relaxed.
We highly recommend checking it out for yourself and hope to meet you on one of the Lynn Isenhour's adventures.   - Ed & Leigh Helms -

I'm the kinda guy that rarely trailers my bike. Most of the time I'll leave the house, with a few of my buddies, and be gone a week. Trips ranging from 2000 to 2500 miles each. I still find it hard to see a lot of the things I would like to experience. That's where Lynn's format works for me. Get on a plane arrive somewhere, far away, and "Old Faithful" is sitting there ready to ride. I've seen some of the most wonderful sites, and met some of the nicest people that I otherwise would not have had the pleasure. I plan to keep this regiment goin'.
I'm glad there is a service available that allows this to happen, not to mention, Lynn's just a great guy that knows his stuff!    - Kenny Hambright -

Picture this, you fly to Las Vegas and go to the hotel. Check in and walk out to the parking lot and there sits your bike beside Lynn's hauler. The trips I have taken with Lynn have been great and I plan to go back to Las Vegas in the fall.    - Mike Huggins -

I have been on at least 8 trips with Lynn Isenhour in the last 2 years. Lynn was always very helpful in making any plans and reservations needed. Once at location Lynn was always at the designated place to meet, bikes always well taken care of and rides always taken care of. I found the expenses to be very reasonable. I have met a lot of new friends and expect to meet more on future rides. If I can be of any assistance to anyone, they are welcome to call me, phone number can be obtained from Lynn Isenhour.    - Buddy O'Neil -